Η Διάσωση της Μουρίτσας


H Πανελλήνια Φιλοζωική Ομοσπονδία συγκεντρώνει φιλοζωικές οργανώσεις απ’ όλη την Ελλάδα που εργάζονται και συνεργάζονται για την διάσωση ζώων

Subject: Fwd: {Omospondia}: help//starving dog in Corinth

Η διάσωση της Μουρίτσας

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A wonderful story of international cooperation

Το Νοέμβριο του 2010, ένα ζευγάρι Αμερικανών επισκέπτεται τον Αρχαιολογικό χώρο του Ακροκορίνθου και αντικρίζει μια σκελετωμένη σκυλίτσα. Η αντίδραση τους θα αποτελέσει τον πρώτο κρίκο μιας αλυσίδας αλληλεγγύης που θα απλωθεί από την Κόρινθο στην Αμερική, Αγγλία, Γιάννενα, Κρήτη, Πελοπόννησο, Αίγινα και Αθήνα, προκειμένου να σωθεί η Μουρίτσα…

Donn Kearns, Florida USA προς Greek Animal Rescue, London

My daughter and son-in-law were visiting Corinth on a cruise ship. My daughter emailed me the following from her cruise ship:

What I was calling about is a starving dog we found in Corinth, We were walking through the ancient ruins of Corinth and we noticed an incredibly skinny dog laying down. She managed to get up (she appeared weak from starvation). She came up to us and we could count every single one of her ribs. Her hip and shoulder bones were jutting out.

She was incredibly docile, and even wagged her tail when we petted her, even though I could tell she was weak. Needless to say, it broke my heart. She went from group to group (there were several there) looking for food, but no one gave her any. I’m guessing most people didn’t have any with them. She was so sweet and gentle, even though she was clearly starving. I was bawling the entire time. Jared and I ran out and found a grocery store down the street and bought a package of hot dogs. We went back to the ruins to feed her, and she gobbled up the hot dogs. Another dog came up and wanted some of the hot dogs. Most starving dogs would be possessive about any food that came their way, but she was willing to share, even though the other dog was clearly not starving and she clearly was. She just stood next to the other dog and wagged her tail…. We thought about getting a second package, but we were afraid if we gave her too much food, it would make her sick.

Her nipples were hanging down, which makes me think that she recently gave birth to a litter of puppies. Her coloring was black and tan. She was EXTREMELY emaciated.

I am desperate to try to find a group that can help me try to save her. I don’t think she can last much longer based on her extreme degree of thinness. I don’t know if there are any rescue groups in the Athens area.”

Ιωάννινα προς Ηράκλειο Κρήτης

Subject: help//starving dog in Corinth

Ημερομηνία: Κυριακή, 7 Νοέμβριος 2010, 19:33 ο/η Mary O’Connor έγραψε:

Η Βέσνα από το Greek Animal Rescue (Λονδίνο) έλαβε το συνημμένο γράμμα σχετικά με μια σκελετωμένη σκύλα (μαύρο και καφέ) στα αρχαία της Κορίνθου.

Μπορείς να το στείλεις στα groups και σε όποιον άλλο στην περιοχή της Κορίνθου (αν υπάρχει κανείς), μήπως κάποιος μπορεί να βοηθήσει την σκύλα;

Ηράκλειο Κρήτης προς ΠΦΟ

Subject: help//starving dog in Corinth

Ημερομηνία: Κυριακή, 7 Νοέμβριος 2010, 19:46 ο/η Maria Houstoulaki έγραψε:

Ευχαρίστως να στείλω την πληροφορία ΓΙΑ ΝΑ ΒΟΗΘΗΘΕΙ ΤΟ ΑΤΥΧΟ ΖΩΟ..!


Προστασία Ζώων Αιγίνης προς ΠΦΟ group

Subject: {Omospondia}: help//starving dog in Corinth

On 2010/11/8, 12:06 AM “Irini Molfessi” wrote:

Exoume kanenan ekei konta? Anastasia mipos borei i Patra na voithisei? H Aegina borei na to filoksenisei an sozetai.

Αχαϊκός Σύλλογος προς ΠΦΟ group

Subject: Fwd: {Omospondia}: help//starving dog in Corinth

From: ANASTASIA ARAVANTINOU, Monday, November 08, 2010 9:53 AM


στην Αρχαία Κόρινθο, σε χώρο που πληρώνεις για να επισκεφθείς είναι ένα ζώο σκελετωμένο μαύρο καφέ, το οποίο με ενδιαφέρει να μαζέψω άμεσα. υπάρχει κάποιος που μπορεί να πάει και να δει που είναι?

Αχαϊκός Σύλλογος προς ΠΦΟ group

Subject: RE: {Omospondia} help//starving dog in Corinth

From: Dimopoulou Christina, 2010/11/8

Το ζώο είναι μέσα στην αρχαία Κόρινθο; Αν ψάχνετε πρόσβαση μπορώ να βοηθήσω. Έχω συνεργαστεί στο παρελθόν με τους υπευθύνους των ανασκαφών και μπορώ να βρω άκρη.

Αχαϊκός Σύλλογος προς ΠΦΟ group

Subject: Fwd: {Omospondia}: help//starving dog in Corinth

On 2010/11/8 12:54 PM, “ANASTASIA ARAVANTINOU” wrote:

Η Χ. Δ. ανέλαβε να βρει επαφή μέσα στην Αρχαία Κόρινθο ώστε να εντοπίσουν και να κρατήσουν το ζώο. Πείτε μου ποιος θα το αναλάβει όταν και εφόσον το βρούμε ώστε να συντονιστούμε.

Προστασία Ζώων Αιγίνης προς ΠΦΟ group

Subject: Fwd: {Omospondia}: help//starving dog in Corinth

On 2010/11/8 11:51 “Irini Molfessi” wrote:

Tha to paroume stin aegina. Opoios to mazepsei as epikoinonisei mazi mou sto kinito.

Αχαϊκός Σύλλογος προς ΠΦΟ group

Subject: Fwd: {Omospondia}: help//starving dog in Corinth

On 2010/11/13 8:40 AM, “ANASTASIA ARAVANTINOU” wrote:

Φαίνεται να υπάρχει μπλέξιμο με το σκυλί από

την Κόρινθο. Η κοπέλα που το έχει σου τηλεφώνησε?

Προστασία Ζώων Αιγίνης προς ΠΦΟ Πάτρα

Subject: Fwd: {Omospondia}: help//starving dog in Corinth

On 2010/11/15 12:00 AM,Irini Molfessi” wrote:

Yparxoun mikra koutavia ta opoia den boroun akoma na fygoun apo ti mana tous – oute boroun na pane sto katafygio, kai apo thema xorou kai gia tin diki tous ygeia. Kanenas den vriskei filoksenia gia ta mikra. Vana kai Emy exoun epipleon thema typhous. Kerdizoume xrono gia tin ora, na paroun pano tous ta mikra.

Corinth, 11/11/2010

Greek Animal rescue προς ΠΦΟ

Subject: Fwd: {Omospondia}: help//starving dog in Corinth

On 2010/11/14 7:27 PM, “Greek Animal Rescue” wrote:

I don’t know who is dealing with which dogs from Corinth, but said we would contribute £500 towards sterilisations of the adults and Donn sent £125.  Should I send this money to Aegina and then it can be given to whoever will take responsibility for the adults? I’d need the name of a bank account, IBAN & BIC.

Προστασία Ζώων Αιγίνης προς Greek Animal rescue

Subject: Fwd: {Omospondia}: help//starving dog in Corinth

On 2010/11/15 –12:12 AM,Irini Molfessi” wrote:

Don’ t send anything now. We cannot move the mother yet because the puppies are too young. We are in touch with Corinth everyday, I will let you know as soon as the situation is clearer.

Στις 28/11/2010, εθελόντρια του Αχαϊκού Συλλόγου μετέφερε τη σκυλίτσα από το Ακροκόρινθο στην Ελευσίνα απ όπου την παρέλαβε η Ε. Μ για να την μεταφέρει στον Πειραιά, με τελικό προορισμό το καταφύγιο της Αίγινας. Η κατάσταση της σκυλίτσας ήταν τόσο άσχημη που κρίθηκε ότι δεν θα επιβίωνε του ταξιδιού και η ΕΜ της πήρε σπίτι της. Παρόλα τα πολύ απαισιόδοξα προγνωστικά – ερλίχια-καλααζάρ και προχωρημένες μολύνσεις σε ένα ζώο εξαντλημένο απο τη γεννα και την ασιτια , η Μουρίτσα τα κατάφερε…

ΠΦΟ προς Donn Kearns, Florida USA

Cc: Greek Animal Rescue, Mary O’connor (Ιωάννινα)

Subject: FW: Starving dog in corinth

On 2011/5/16 – 11:49 PM.Irini Molfessi” wrote:


Hello mrs Kearns,

I am the president of the Panhellenic Animal Welfare Federation in Athens, Greece. I am e-mailing you to give you some news of the dog your daughter saw in corinth last november. Our local organization in Patras had a volunteer in corinth who managed to pick up the emaciated dog and her 5 puppies. The puppies went in a property on the island of andros, the mother was due to go to our shelter on the island of Aegina, but she was so weak I kept her with me for fear she would not make it. She slowly made it to recovery and is now healthy and a full member of my family as she got along so well with my dogs.

I have been wanting for a long time to find the person who initiated the incredible chain of solidarity that allowed this dog to stay alive. For the hundreds that die every day in my country, we manage to save a few once in a while. That dog was lucky enough to be saved. And tonight I finally found the time to search my computer and let you know about it. I hope you and your daughter enjoy the picture.

Donn Kearns, Florida USA προς ΠΦΟ

Subject: FW: Starving dog in Corinth

Date 27/5/2011 – 3:10ΑΜ

Hello Irini,

Thank you very much for adopting the dog and for letting us know that she is happy, healthy, and loved. I really appreciated the picture you sent, and so did my daughter who was quite excited about it. You are absolutely correct that the story of how she was saved is a wonderful story of international cooperation.  It still amazes me what a simple email from America started, and how you were able to find and save the dog and her puppies.

Thanks again for letting us know how she is doing!

Best wishes,

Donn Kearns

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